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CI PRODUKT Ci classic

The Ci classic system allows the buyer to live in the embrace of nature and at the same time, the best conditions in living comfort, energy economy, construction costs and their contribution to reducing environmental pollution. The wooden construction is made from wood that is glued in strips and joined lengthwise. It is possible to combine it with a cross-glued board as a visible element of floor construction. The system mainly consists of insulation of natural materials (wood wool, wood-fibre insulation boards, cellulose insulation) that require the least energy in the very phase of manufacture of all construction products, thus significantly contributing to the improvement of the atmosphere. Insulation based on wood fibres and cellulose has, beside excellent thermal insulation, the best phase angle among all types of insulation which means that houses that are built with this system, do not get over-heated in the summer, as the phase angle is longer time-wise than the most active sun radiation through the day. The houses have built-in wooden joinery with three-layer glazing. The facade is the classic contact type, by the manufacturer Baumit, with the possibility of a combination with a wooden ventilating facade. The overhangs are done with visible sidings on the wooden roof construction. A quality roofing by a renowned European manufacturer Creaton is laid on the roof.

The thickness of insulation of the external walls is 28cm, while 35cm of insulation is built in the roof. A house that is built with the Ci classic system falls in the category of economical houses with a yearly consumption between 20 and 25kWh/m2a.

The INFORMATIVE PRICE until the partial-key phase with no installations is €950/m2 of living space.

The partial-key phase with no installations, besides installation work, also does not include parquet, ceramics and interior doors. The KEY phase on request. The price includes 9.5% VAT.

The cross sections of structural assemblies in the case of a low-energy house: Ci clasic

LOAD-BEARING WALL: eco classic
Vapour-permeable facade layer 8mm  
Wood-fibre facade board 60mm  
Wooden supporting construction 160mm (varianta 180mm)
Cellulose insulation in between 160mm (varianta FLEX)
OSB3 construction board 15mm  
Wood-fibre installation board 60mm  
Fire-rated drywall board 15mm  
Thermal transitivity U= 0.168W/m2K, wall thickness = 318mm, phase angle = 17.9 hours, wood share up to 20%.

SLOPING ROOF: Ci classic
Tile roofing 40mm
Rails 40mm
Ventilation duct rails 50mm
Wood-fibre DWD board 16mm
Rafter 220mm
Dropped timber frame 130mm
Cellulose insulation in between 350mm
OSB construction board 18mm
Fire-rated drywall board 15mm
Thermal transitivity U= 0.152W/m2K, cross section thickness = 529mm, phase angle = 18 hours, wood share up to 20%.

OSB construction board 15mm
Collar tie 200mm
Dropped timber frame 150mm
Cellulose insulation in between  350mm
OSB3 construction board 18mm
Installation ductwork with aluminium substructure 150mm
Fire-rated drywall board 0
Thermal transitivity U= 0.153W/m2K, cross section thickness = 548mm, phase angle = 17.7 hours, wood share up to 20%.

Ceramics, parquet 15mm
Quick-drying micro-reinforced flooring 40mm
System board with insulation 22mm
Hard stone wool 40mm
OSB3 construction board 22mm
Wooden construction 200mm
Sound insulation in between  80mm
Dropped aluminium substructure 150mm
Drywall board 12,5mm
Cross section thickness = 502mm

Drywall board 12,5mm
OSB3 construction board 12mm
Wooden supporting construction 140mm
OSB3 construction board 12mm
Drywall board 12,5mm
Cross section thickness = 189mm

2x Drywall board 12,5mm+12,5mm
Metal construction 50mm
Sound insulation in between 50mm
2× Drywall board 12,5mm+12,5mm
Cross section thickness = 100mm