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CI PRODUKT Roof panels

Roof panels

By manufacturing wooden roof panels, we significantly shorten the construction time of a building with greater roof surface, as they are brought onto the building including insulation and final coating on the lower side of the panel. Roof panels are manufactured in the production section and are equipped on the upper side of the construction with an appropriate OSB board on which the roofing can be installed (usually EPDM or PVC roof foil, it can also be sheet metal etc.), while a final coating is installed on the lower side of the construction, which could be a wooden solid board, OSB board, sheet metal or drywall board that is later on processed with paintwork. Panels have insulation built-in during construction. When installing panels, the roof is finished without subsequent insulation or dry-installation work. With different insulation thickness and final coatings, we can achieve different categories of fire safety of roof panels.

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