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CI PRODUKT Skeletal houses

Skeletal houses

A wooden skeletal house is built from glued wood. The construction consists of wooden jambs and beams that are connected with joints and screws. The construction is assembled in such a way that it stands independently and does not require boards fixed to the construction for stability, which is one of the advantages when compared to a panel pre-fabricated house. The boards that are then fixed to the skeleton from the inside and outside, merely contribute to the stability, strength and earthquake safety of the skeleton. All works that are carried out in a skeletal house are dry installation so that the construction of the house is faster and more environment-friendly that the construction of a classically built house. In comparison to a solid-construction house, an advantage of a skeletal house also lies in the thickness of the insulation at the same wall thickness and consequently, greater energy value and lower heating costs. 

It is important that a wooden house is vapour-permeable which is why we install insulation from wood fibres and cellulose. Beside the fact that the mentioned insulation is a better insulator in the winter time, it also turns into a natural shield against heat during the summer. This is because it has, at the same thickness of insulation in comparison to stone and glass wool and Styrofoam, a 2–4-fold longer delay in the penetration of heat through the external layer of the house.

This way, we prevent over-heating of the house in the summer time and save money needed to purchase unnecessary and wasteful air conditioning systems.

A wooden skeletal construction is quite suitable for the construction of low-energy and passive apartment buildings, while as a whole, it provides favourable and economic living and mostly allows a free choice during the planning stage.

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