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CI PRODUKT Solid houses

Solid houses

The house is built of pre-manufactured wall and ceiling elements of cross-glued boards that are interconnected with wooden screws. With boards, we also build the roofing which can also be classically built with purlins, rafters and collar ties that can also mean cheaper construction in this case. Cross-glued boards allow the construction of buildings that are higher than 3 floors. The boards are glued with planks that are overlapping perpendicularly which allows them to transfer load-bearing in both directions.

This way, the load-bearing capacity of the construction is increased, they support long spans and overhangs and also increase the resistance to earthquakes. The insides of the construction can be produced in the visible quality which represents the final layer of a wall or ceiling. Just as in the case of skeletal construction, the provision of certain energy economy requires good thermal insulation and a level of air-tightness of the building. All work falls in the scope of dry installation so that the construction is quick and more environmentally-friendly.

A solid construction of cross-glued boards is suitable for the construction of low-energy and passive apartment buildings as well as for multi-apartment and industrial buildings that are higher than 2 floors, and for buildings that require greater load-bearing capacity in individual floors.

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