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CI PRODUKT Wooden buildings

Wooden buildings

Wooden construction slowly, but persistently, raises the awareness of the investors that it represents an excellent choice, not only in the case of residential construction of single-household houses, but also in cases of the construction of much larger buildings. This means various business, production, commercial, storage, sports, educational and tourist buildings. Wooden buildings provide users with a healthy living or working environment, as it is scientifically proven that wood has a calming and relaxing effect on its surroundings. By using glued wood on larger buildings, we provide simple solutions for long spans while also achieving very good fire-safety without additional protection of the wood by introducing larger cross sections of glued bearing timber elements. This way, bearing timber elements can remain as a visible element of the roof, ceiling or wall construction which gives warmth and an appealing appearance to the space.

When building with wood, we achieve:

Quick, precise and economical construction.

Energy-saving construction.

Permanence of the building.

Excellent earthquake safety of the buildings.

Environmentally-friendly construction, low carbon footprint due to the use of wood.

Fire-resistance of the construction.

Light construction in comparison to concrete or metal construction (savings in the foundation of the building).

Healthy and comfortable living.

Various shapes and dimensions for all types of buildings.

Innovative architectural ideas.

Long spans without supporting pillars.

The possibility of implementation of curved constructions.