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CI PRODUKT Wooden facades

Wooden facades

A wooden facade as a finishing element provides a nice and unique appearance to the building’s exterior. A facade on the building may be entirely made of wood, but it also works well in combination with other materials such as sheet metal, rock, fibre cement boards, facade plaster and glass.

Wooden facades are mainly manufactured of harder wood, mostly of Siberian larch. The speciality about larch is not the rule that it requires additional protection, as wood oxidizes in time and protects itself against weather conditions. In such instance, wood turns grey, but this does not mean that is decaying. When installed correctly, such a facade is permanent. In case we do not want the facade to turn grey too fast, the surface of the wood is protected with an appropriate oil coating, thus leaving the facade in its original shade for a longer period of time.

Other soft types of wood that are cheaper may also be used – spruce, ash, beech. This wood is thermally processed – cooked, which means that the entire cell structure of the wood is destroyed. This way, the wood becomes “artificial material” and does not decay. Wood needs to be protected appropriately.

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